History of EquiStat

By 1985, the cutting horse industry had transformed into a multi-million dollar industry, but no single source offered complete information of the sport’s statistics. Earnings from weekend championship shows were recorded, but no records were kept of the money paid out at limited-age events.

In response to the industry’s need, Quarter Horse News has spent nearly 30 years and hundreds of thousands of dollars developing a vast database called EquiStat. It was the first to compile and publish these in-depth statistics. As time went on, the database was expanded to include many other disciplines.

Since its creation, EquiStat has become a popular and accepted source for statistical information, making it an important part of the horse industry. Based solely on monetary winnings, the service adequately tracks the earnings of the industry’s top riders, horses, breeders, owners, sires and dams. Known for its accuracy, EquiStat strives to maintain a complete and fair database.